A cost, an investment, or maybe a value?

A cost, an investment, or maybe a value?


During the Bastion presentation, there were several times when we heard an opinion that safety is most important – investment in security area. People we spoke with, directors and chairmen of companies of different specialization and size have told us, among other things, about the daily attempted attacks at their IT infrastructure.
50, 100, 300 a day – is it shocking? Speaking from experience in working with different organizations, we can sadly confirm that it is a norm.

A bit of trivia: we will learn how common they actually are in other organizations (banks, insurance companies, payment card operators – the areas we are most worried about) soon, as revealing such info is an obligation by GDPR.

The more threats, the more security, and the more security, the bigger the costs of protection. Which begs the question, does it pay off and how much does safety cost, or better yet: how much does lack of safety cost – or what if it „goes wrong”? In practice, neither element can exist without the other, like in a math formula: the first prevents the other while also arising from it. What matters the most for the company’s health and condition is prevention.

Here at Bastion we believe that every organization should evaluate the risks first, then find the matching solutions, and finally pay for them.

It turns out that’s exactly what market leaders do. They’re the ones to usually use solutions as unorthodox as themselves. That’s what gives them their position, because they think outside the box, not like others, they’re the ones to set trends, to be followed in rankings and to have their ideas copied. Do all leaders use the same tools, programs, technologies? It turns out they don’t. Leaders know their own needs and hire teams of experts, people who research threats and design solutions, the ones that work – the invoice comes in last.

We give our Clients a choice and recommend solutions adapted to their needs. First and foremost, we want to give Them safety and freedom, and then elasticity, support and our knowledge.

It’s time to sum it up, so is it an investment or is it a cost? I’d say it’s a matter of semantics. Some will see it as a cost, because throughout the duration of the license or contract a monthly fee has to be paid. Others will see it as an investment, because a service has been purchased that has an actual impact on the business – it prevents the aforementioned threats.

Here at BASTION, safety is an element of business that is as important as people and their knowledge, experience and skills. Without people, their competences, but also without safe communication and data collection, modern organizations cannot exist, it is those exact elements that, as a whole, constitute their value.

So, it is a VALUE, after all. It is some sort of consolation that companies are aware of that value and of the fact that people and safety have to be taken care of wisely.


Grzegorz Staniak
Grzegorz Staniak Sales Director

I am responsible for organizing the sales department of the BASTION network worldwide.

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