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Futuresalt Ltd.
Ground Floor, 8-9 Marino Mart,
Fairview, Clontarf Dublin 3 Ireland

We are developing a safe and fast communication BASTION protocol in many technological areas, such as instant messaging, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, quantum computing, and blockchain.

The company was started in December 2015 as a Futuresalt group.

Initially, Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg (CEO/CTO) had been tracking problems in secure communication for many years, analyzing the problem of data transmission and efficient and fast communication protocols. After talks with Piotr Powszuk, Luke decided to consider bringing his thoughts to life, and in December, the three co-founders, Łukasz Klejnberg, Andrzej Klejnberg (CIO) and Piotr Powszuk, founded Futuresalt group.

In the next two years, specialists in the field of software engineering, UI/UX, PR and marketing and sales/contact relations with clients joined us. In Futuresalt, only specialists work. No one is here by chance. Everyone cares about our idea, goals, and development of the company to the same extent as the founders, because we profess the idea of turquoise organizations. Of all the people who have joined us, we are proud. We are also waiting for you. We have a strong background and many years of experience in the area of IT, PR/Marketing, Sales Management, Blockchain, and UI/UX. We specialize in the area of security, low-level software, and client-server applications – over 18 years of experience. We have great abilities in Sales, PR and marketing – over 20 years of experience in this industry. We are specialists in our fields, and every specialist will find a job with us – follow us on LinkedIn Futuresalt Ltd.
See BASTION team.

The idea that has lead us from the very beginning comes from the famous slogan “Connecting people” from Nokia. It is also important that people communicate with each other at various levels in the Internet but with a special focus on security. We believe everyone deserves secure communication – we do not agree that access to data is to be poorly protected against leakage – our data is our privacy and belongs to us. Man, machine, and IoT deserve privacy to be protected at the highest level. That is why we have created the Futuresalt organization in which we intend to take care of it with the society that will join us in the hardships of building a new global secure and fast communication network.

Bastion Team

We graduated from the Startup School organized by Y Combinator USA

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