BlockchainNext conference

BlockchainNext conference


On June 21, 2018, we were present at one of the largest conferences dedicated to Blockchain technology in Poland. The event took place at PGE Narodowy.

Visitors from all over the world came from Japan, through Dubai to Europe – there were over 800 people! You could feel the atmosphere of tension and light excitement – we all felt that we were at the beginning of the road. Pioneers in the field – the race began. Who will win it? How many will fail in the next few years?

BlockchainNext conference
Just before the first lectures began, the guests actively talked about technology and visited exhibitions of companies such as Microsoft.
BlockchainNext conference Microsoft
At the stand of the Microsoft company, you could become familiar with AR and VR technology.

The first lectures by Miko Matsumura were a great opportunity to see an economy blockchain revolution, and listen to a short story about Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as a handful of information about tokenization and ICO.

Miko Matsumura – a short story about Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto

Miko Matsumura about ICO.

We invite you to a short photorelation of the event.

BlockchainNext Ali Safri Smart Cities
Ali Safri (CTO Avanza Innovations) from Dubai during great presentation about smart cities.
Sohail Munir Smart City
Sohail Munir is the Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Smart City Transformation at Smart Dubai Government
BlockchainNext conference Philip Young
Philip Young (Co-Founder Gibraltar Stock Exchange) during very interesting presentation about GBX Ecosystem, like GBX Digital Asset Exchange, Token Sale Platform, or even Fund Services and Corporate Services.
BlockchainNext Tomasz Smus early adopters in blockchain
Great presentation about early adopters in blockchain by Tomasz Smus (Founder & CEO Blockchain Alliance).

The event was great, the opportunity to make new friends invaluable – we are waiting for next year, and we hope Futuresalt will present our BASTION product.


Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg
Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg Co-Founder, CEO/CTO

I am responsible for the overall architecture of the BASTION Network and organisation culture. Co-creator of the largest messenger Gadu-Gadu (GG) for mobile devices. I am passionate about new technologies and analog photography.

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