Meet BASTION on Impact Fintech 2018!

Meet BASTION on Impact Fintech 2018!


We will tell you during the Impact Fintech 2018 about how BASTION helps protect privacy in the network and data security in financial institutions and companies. It is one of the largest fintech conferences in Europe, attended by over two thousand participants.

This important event for the modern financial industry will take place on November 28-29 in Lodz, in central Poland. On the stage within two days, 150 speakers and over 100 partners will appear, who will show the future and challenges of the finance and technology market.

During two days of the event, you can take part in dedicated sessions of meetings with innovators, see presentations of the best startups. The main topics discussed this year will include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, big data, new generation internet banking platform, P2P loans, security solutions. It is worth to appear at the ImpactCEE conference to keep up with trends and make valuable contacts.

Of course, at such a party, the BASTION presentation for the financial industry cannot be missed. We will be there to show our vision of a safe tomorrow. We will present the idea of our BASTION Network solution, we will present the BASTION Chat offer, which provides secure instant messaging, both inside and outside the company.

And keep your fingers crossed for us, we’re taking part in a startup pitch on security!

See you on ImpactCEE!


Piotr Powszuk
Piotr Powszuk Co-Founder, COO

I am responsible for the organization of operational processes, settlements, team development.

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