BASTION Chat Community Protocol

Reinforce e-privacy in your way. Implement a top secure protocol in your everyday usage, ensuring data secure exchange between people and machines.

The BASTION Chat Community Protocol is a very secure and fast communication protocol.

Thanks to the flexible architecture, the protocol adapts to the user’s requirements.
It can be run on a global network, hermetic environments, behind a VPN.
Resistant to data leaks has multi-level security.
BASTION Chat Community protocol is aimed at communication between people, software and machines.
Created for business and home use.

The philosophy of operation of the BASTION Chat Community Network is to isolate it from
the global Internet (separation from dangerous incidents) and to provide
a parallel network for secure data exchange.

That’s why we created the BASTION Chat Community Protocol.

Expand your own BASTION Chat Community Network
and build secure applications.

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The uniqueness of BASTION Chat Community is in the multi-level data protection system with the highly configurable
Intrusion Detection System. In the BASTION Chat Nnetwork, we use end-to-end encryption with the
newest Transport Layer Security. You decide about your data and your clients data. Our protocol is
very fast and stable – we have 99,9% SLA! We support clustering technologies!

Just take it to your projects and sleep peacefully
— be part of a better world!

The graph below shows the use case of BASTION Chat Community Protocol in the BASTION Chat Community product!

The structure of the BASTION Chat Community Network allows it for flexible development with future forms of
communication: AR, VR, holograms. We create it with the thought of decades of network development
and how it will evolve.

BASTION Chat Community

Our core product for instant messaging
is based on BASTION Chat Community Protocol

The BASTION Chat Community Network is dedicated to secure conversations, available on the basis of the global
VPN (Virtual Private Network). The BASTION Chat Community Network – based on advanced cryptography –
breakthrough protects online conversations from eavesdropping and leakage of collected
data, providing a tool for comprehensive multimedia communication with full, exclusive
control over the person who stores data and who has access to them.

Read more about BASTION Chat Community here.

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BASTION Protocol

Strong security

You can use built-in support for TLS 1.2/1.3, AES-256.
You can implement into BASTION Chat Community Protocol in your software – it’s up to you.
You can configure Intrusion Detection System or leave it as it is – it’s optimized by us.
Quantum resistance and ability to cooperate with VPN and software/hardware Firewalls.


You can scale your main machine to more processors, memory, storage or even high availability systems and with the BASTION Chat Community Protocol.

Lightning fast

Every package from childhood is optimized – no unnecessary data.

Heavy Internet

You can use BASTION Chat Community Protocol in heavy situations like WIFI, LIFI, Bluetooth, radio line, slow modems. The Bastion Chat Community Protocol is optimized and highly transferable to different environments.


You can expand BASTION Chat Community Protocol in any direction you want.
You can integrate with custom protocols, integrations with other systems, WebHook, WebAPI.

The BASTION Chat Community Protocol is high availability, strong security and lighting
fast access to your and your client’s data. Be part of a better world!

“We believe, that everyone deserves secure communication.
That’s why we develop BASTION Chat Community.”

The BASTION Chat Community Team

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