To secure and to make money with one move…

To secure and to make money with one move…


In recent months, especially after the Facebook data leak scandal, the whole world got crazy about online security and privacy. Suddenly, we realized that the moment we publish any information about ourselves – the data no longer belongs to us. We have no physical control over what happens to it. Plus it isn’t uncommon for accounts to get hacked or for users to be spied on. The number of people being okay with that is steadily dropping. One example of a voice of objection here is Elon Musk, who has deleted Tesla and SpaceX accounts on Facebook [1]

Following the above trend, plenty of application developers and companies face the difficulty of securing their networks and products in a way that lets everyone be sure that the data won’t get in the wrong hands. But how to be sure of that? How to get people convinced that our solution is safe?

What if there was actually a solution that allows to easily secure every communication within any network or application?

The protocol – Powered by Bastion

The Bastion protocol was created with user privacy in mind. It can secure any data transmission while also providing the highest level of encryption, and in turn – of confidentiality as well. The process of securing communications is handled by an original algorithm that was designed with future in mind – for example, it is resistant to attacks that utilize quantum computers.

Applications and networks that use the protocol will be able to boast the „Powered by Bastion” label, which will be a guarantee of safety to the users.

More information on this protocol can be found at


There’s been a growing number of people recently who start to appreciate the value of decentralized data registers. The creators of Bastion Protocol also made use of the benefits of the technology by creating BastionChain. The idea behind the project is that all the secured networks could be self-sustainable, as encrypting data with the protocol comes at a low cost in an internal cryptocurrency. Thanks to using a modern cryptocurrency mining model, however, everyone who has created their own Bastion network can also make money mining.


BastionChain also makes it possible to easily implement the payment model in applications. One can add their own markup to every fee for using the protocol, which will be sent to the wallet of the application’s creator or the network’s owner. That way it is possible to easily make money on the created applications – which can be made available at the BastionMarket store.

Adding such payment model can also work out with existing solutions – most of the applications available on the market use communication with users to some degree, which should be properly secured. With one move, the users can then be guaranteed the highest security and a simple yet effective payment model.



Michał Warczok
Michał Warczok Head of Blockchain

I am responsible for blockchain architecture and it's economy. Also, I am analyzing and providing solutions to business problems.

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