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Control your home devices in secure way by just one Bastion app. Your castle, your privacy.

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Negotiate and communicate safely. Speak freely about your business sensitive strategic data.

Be safe

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Secure instant messaging within groups of friends. Enjoy true friendship.

Be safe


Your privacy. Our mission.
Enjoy safe communication everywhere.
Only you have access to your data.

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Multilevel encryption protocol ensures secure connections.
Only you have access to your data.

More than chatting

Speak freely in public and private rooms, share files and much more!

Cyber security matters

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Enjoy safe communication everywhere:
at work, at home and having a good time.
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Bastion blog

The Quantum Search Algorithm


The algorithm for finding solutions to the search problem using a quantum computer finds a solution with a much smaller number of steps than a classical...

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BlockchainNext conference


On June 21, 2018, we were present at one of the largest conferences dedicated to Blockchain technology in Poland. The event took place at PGE Narodowy. Visitors from all over the world came from...

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What kind of cyber threats await us in 2018


The more digital the world becomes; the bigger threat digital crime is. What it often chooses as its target is the valuable product of our times – data. And as of 2018, also devices that...

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