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Incognito mode

A disappearing trace.

Turn on incognito mode and talk about everything
without archiving messages and files.

With incognito mode, the text disappears from the archive after a finished conversation.

End-to-end encryption

Just you and your interlocutor.

Full data encryption, authentication, you’re sure you’re talking to the right person. No unpleasant surprises!

Integration with business processes

Your data, your company.

Match BASTION Chat to your company, including the interface design and logo. Integrate the chat into your organization processes and scale it as needed.

Atomic strike
emergency button

You’re the master of the situation.

Do you have to delete the entire archive as a matter of urgency? Don’t panic!

In BASTION Chat, you can quickly and irrevocably delete
the entire archive of your conversations and contacts at the touch of a button.

File encryption

We are setting new standards of security in communicators.

In BASTION Chat each file is sent in separately encrypted fragments.



  • when you process important information (data: financial, personal, product, content of commercial agreements, etc.) and patents)
  • when you want to make sure that only you have access to your data and only you have control over it
  • when you want to be independent and have the data fully on your side.

essential for the industry

  • finance and accounting (fintech companies, banks, accounting offices, insurance companies, brokerage offices)
  • legal and official (advocate and notary offices, court institutions, public administration bodies)
  • IT (software houses, data processing centres, hosting companies)
  • military (producers and distributors)
  • and in all companies that care about data protection and fast, secure instant messaging communication.


  • text messaging
  • groups & forums
  • files exchange
  • incognito mode – no history!
  • a password message known only to you and your interlocutor
  • and many more!

Secure chatting

  • private keys – only you have access
  • working behind VPN
  • Intrusion Detection System

Easy to use

  • run as CaaS (cloud style)
  • or integrate with your server in easy way

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